Introducing Prodgic

For over 15 years I’ve been an advisor in high tech product development, quality assurance, and making organisations work effectively. During my Sony high tech career I’ve been told to go into product design but unfortunately that road is not the one I would like to travel. People have told me to write a book about my quest for quality products and effective organisation. Well, in due time I might do that but first I’ve decided to chase my lifelong dream of helping people with my acquired knowledge and my unique insights in the field I have chosen. Born out of that dream is Prodgic, a company that embodies what is current, fresh and alternative ways of thinking and will offer revolutionary and original methods and cutting edge vision of the future relationships between companies and customers while representing competitive spirit and skills.


Prodgic will bridge a wider gap and that is exploring the new world of creative collaboration. In accordance to leading trend watchers and leaders like Seth Godin 2016 will be about connecting to your customers. We want to utilize that possibility by bringing new strategies in the market.

A new Hope

Prodgic will connect with partners and customers to make creativity flow smoothly. We believe that the near future will be about connecting creative souls who bring new products breaking boundaries between imagination and reality. It’s now possible to create real products near instantaneously where the only limit is your imagination. Prodgic will help organisations who want to reach out and combine the strengths and individuality of their people and the global workforce to design products and services.  Many young people are waiting for their chance to shape the world with their innovative minds, Prodgic will make it possible.

Lean machine

We believe effective organisations are lean organisations.  Our values are based on lean principles.  Our focus is on individuality and quality of work and value creation.  What’s new?  We will make your product design flow lean. Think about it. What’s more important to you, selling products or making customers happy and feeling inspired while working and creating together?  Customers’ satisfaction is our goal. We are focus on building a strong quality and long-lasting relationship with our customers. We are here to make your ideas possible.

Our expertise? Your expertise!

Prodgic will help you create products by uncovering and discovering your potentials and answering your needs, connecting the minds of your people to clearly see and understand the challenge ahead as we take them on a journey to work on finding out solutions. We have the skills to help you realize your ideas. We are proud to combine our writing, technical, design & personal coaching skills to offer a unique package:

  • Creative writing & copywriting
  • Technical writing
  • Graphic design
  • Interior and workplace design

Those interested in our services and connecting creative spirits can reach out to us via

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