Another iteration

Time to take a seat and think things over.  How had 2015 treated you?  What did it teach you?

So time for a year in review.  2015 has been the year to finally let go of the house I’ve loved the most, literally and figuratively.  We had renovated our Victorian house inch by inch touching every single bit of it with paintbrushes, chisels, joint knifes…  Deciding to sell the place in 2012 and moving to a smaller more modern house in 2013.  I’ve never anticipated it would be so hard to sell the place.  Lessons learned?  There aren’t many people out there who love this kind of house as much as we did.  During these 4 years we had to fix many things and maintain this 6-bedroom house.  We will never know why it really took so long to sell it.  I really hate it because it makes for one of the longest iterations in my life and it’s only leaving me with a lot of questions.

It has been so long that it’s hard to remember the exact feelings that we’ve had while deciding to sell the place.  One winter’s night in 2012 we decided it’s time to take control of our life, time to become more independent.  It would be the first step in choosing a more comfortable life, a life that allows us to follow our heart.  Needless to say that after so many years the financial cost of having and selling this house is immense.

Yet we have improved our insight in our life, it’s a complex world and it’s impossible to predict what’s going to happen.  I will take this lesson along when starting future endeavors.  Yes I feel guilty about deciding to buy the place; I realize I cannot make the decision of buying what I love without taking into account whether it will actually sell draining us financially.

Now it’s time to take control of our life!  Oh finally my message to all those who brought terror to this world during 2015:  No amount of terror and fatalism can outweigh the hope and nature of life, regardless of your religion and beliefs look around you and appreciate the beauty of life unfolding before your eyes.  Make up your own mind; don’t let it be controlled by anyone.

Own your life, its life you own!  Life is poetry, another lesson I’ve learned in 2015 when I wrote my first poetry, an enriching experience that makes me feel more creative.


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