“When practiced as a form of spiritual and physical discipline, the tea ceremony provides a framework for an individual’s mastery of life, while also raising aesthetic appreciation to high levels.”

– WebJapan

It takes years to learn how to properly prepare Matcha.  It’s not surprising that the roots of Scrum are founded in Japan. Just like making Matcha, preparing for good collaboration requires discipline, respect and a deeper connection with yourself and the people you are working with. I believe it’s a form of art.

With all the books I’ve read about management and organisation, I’ve found little to none that touches the deeper and more fundamental purpose behind motivation: the reasons behind our existence.  

People who desire to reach this enlightened state of feeling fulfilled while they are learning and finding their own state of wabi must let go of everything that distracting them. 

Effective collaboration requires a state of Zen, it requires to organize the collective consciousness.  You have to focus in order to feel each others presence, intentions, doubts and be able to connect with one another. Let go of your own ego in favour of the group. Only then you will be aware about the others and discover the true essence of collaboration. Only when we, as a group reach the state of wabi (emptiness) we can truly say we are prepared to receive, the full power of it.

“In order to organize a team you first have to find your true self.”


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