Requiescat In Pace

To the wise bird who made
A grand reputation they say
20 years hiding, needed a brake?

Like a ghost, said the papers
Living on some far off places
Only trusted some local tribes

I wished you didn’t show your pity
This scientist wanted you for trophy
Now your pic is copyright on many websites

I’m sad it’s such horrible crime
For the white man I apologize
You paid a visit, he had you sacrificed

The ladies said you were quite a rap
They loved your ko-ko-ko-ko-kiew chap
Missing you, so sleek in your blue jack

You were taking a spin
I would have named you Robin
The great moustashed Fisher King

Since I cannot put copyright pictures, which I hate because I find this picture cannot be owned by anyone.  It’s a part of nature.  And I hate that copyright laws are so complex that only lawyers can understand them…  Well here you can find pictures of the deceased.


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