Elephant hide

Their hide isn’t as thick as they make it seem, they can’t stand their people picking another side. Loving to set themselves apart, bluntly ignoring your ideas, even if they are nice. Clumsy they bend proven approaches; some even dare to twist the word “coaches”. Do you know they often have long noses?

Among superiors they usually behave like slaves, but once alone they seem to forget their proper places. Planning their political games with their heads held high. Hiding when they made mistakes, they will surely find someone to blame.

For those that don’t have time to say good morning or good night. Such number crunchers are better removed from their spotlight.

Keep telling stories of elephants and mice!  Their elevated ego’s won’t fancy such unpredictable artistry.  Don’t get crushed by their clumsy feet, secretly inform the others of their selfish needs.  Once everyone is up to speed, their wicked ways will lose their power and possibilities.

Many mice will manage to make your Ele cry, and make it say goodbye. Did you just see a mammoth running by? Isn’t it time to make them shy, by becoming Agile?

Do you find this word is not what it seems, are you poisoned by an Ele’s dream? Get rid of their brainwashing memories. Ele’s not prepared to fight in the field, that’s not what we need. So even if you’re feeling scared, remember Ele doesn’t really care. No more promises of crumbs of cheese, join creative mice and self organize.

Even when many sharp teeth can make this hide seem skinny and nicer altogether. Elephants and mice working in a team, that’s what we want to see.  Now did you realise there isn’t really a place where elephants hide?


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