Ode to Clarity

Every morning I miss thee.
See, I came to realize how much I need you!
What folly I’d be without you!

In honor of your family.
And thanks to them.
I praise your unique clarifying abilities.

I’m not sure where your family tree leads me.
Your earliest relative I have found at around 13th century
It seems you have Italian ancestry.

I carry you with me every day.
With pride I show you to the world.
Oh, I gladly I give thee the honor to go first, before me.

Don’t dare to go out of my sight!
I’ll keep an eye on you, no even two.
Yes, I need thee, constantly.

I leave thee with this burden…
My dear, go transform my reality!
No rest for thee, until I’m ready.

In the night you are bothering me.
With you I cannot sleep!
Go to sleep, in your silk coffin, leave me!

My dreams feature a world without thee!
Oh what blissful ability!
This clear mental imagery, I no longer need thee.

When I wake, I call thee!
You never come, are you mad at me?
Where is the drawer? Help me find thee!

Then after I unfold thee.
Magically you transform those blurry blobs of colour.
Once I raise you on your throne.

You punish my impatience with chromatic aberration.
You’re forgiven, see? You’re made for me.
My glasses, of Italian breed.


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