Millions of impulses around just won’t stop. My mind stuffed with worries, lingering on making me sick. All this makes me miss and long for a different world, it’s ruled by fish. Even when I was a kid, my mum would worry sick as I practiced to to pay them a visit. She’d only skin dip, I’d be gone for several minutes. I admit this cold sea had always been inviting. The deep blue has it’s way of creating peaceful scenery. Sea creatures simply get rid of complexity. For some reason they find it’s unnecessary. That’s how I started to love free diving, I call it swimming multidimensionally. It came to me naturally, this love for silty waters. I love greeting the squids, sea snakes and the crabs it’s kinda bliss to me. Once on the surface and when under distress, I will often think about this different world, did a fish ever bit in your fingers?


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