Map your mind

Mind mapping is one the most powerful ways to organize knowledge. I’ll share my experience using Freemind, a mind mapping tool I’ve been using for many years now.  You can download freemind for free.


  • Add more information while you are exploring a subject of your interest. Add more context as you go.
  • Mind maps visualize information, you can make relationships just like your brain does.
  • You can use them as to-do lists (personal backlog)
  • Link them directly to other information (locally on your computer or on networks)
  • It’s possible to restructure the information very easily
  • Hide unnecessary details by folding information temporarily
  • Make links to other mind maps
  • Save them in different file formats that are easy to share



  • Make collaboration easier and form a common understanding
  • Document ideas (brainstorming)
  • Action lists
  • Status information
  • Facilitate meetings and write meeting notes simultaneously
  • Decision making
  • Link to background information
  • Cope with continuous change
  • Flexiblity


I provided a simple example just to get started.  The image below is a “folded” screenshot a sample mind map.  If you click on the image you will see the clickable flash export which give you an idea of how you can (un)fold nodes.

Map your mind

There are plenty of other good examples out there so go ahead an find your own on Google   One more tip, Freemind works well with the mouse but it works even faster using shortcut keys once you get used to them.

You can download the original mind map file here

3 thoughts on “Map your mind

  1. Ivan Orozco says:

    Davy, your example is very clear in order to start to curate info and define purposes. In the past I used XMind but returned to Freemind because of the lack of local control with the first one.
    Thanks for your post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Davy Benoot says:

      Hi Ivan, I’m glad you like it. I didn’t really try XMind and insist on using open source that why I also tried another tool based on Freemind called FreePlane. It allows an even greater degree of freedom and creativity. I switched back to Freemind because at the time (2 years ago) FreePlane wasn’t stable. However I see they kept working on it so it may be worth a try. A simple example of the possibilities (storytelling):


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