Did you ever feel your values are deeply questioned by the world?

You are in your brightest moment and never felt so sure about yourself yet nothing seems going right. People insisting raining on your parade and laughing at you while doing this and you cannot do something but watch because it is not within your power to change the world.

The feeling of having seen the light and you know you’re right but everyone seem blind to the truth, did you ever experience that?

Moments like this make me feel sore to the bone.  

Am I trying to make the blind see?  Or is this not the right time and place?  There is some comfort in a statement made by a colleague of mine, he said:

“The concepts you propose are powerful yet practical”.

But why nobody wants to buy it? Did I spent ten years of my career championing a lost cause?  If someone truly grasped the full meaning of those concepts, they would be enthusiastic about them, or at least show up for one of my trainings.

Or perhaps I’m expecting too much… Maybe I am the one who’s blind… It is I who glorifying my own importance… Somehow I refuse to believe that.

looking_at_the_starsIt all became very ironic to me, the truth is staring me in the eyes once again. Some prices of recognition are simply too high to pay.  Sometimes, leaving is the only solution to keep the relationship intact, or whatever is left of it.   I know that this is just another step and it will weight lighter on me by dawn with a promise of a brighter future.  For now all that’s left is a restless feeling of having failed.

I keep going, heading in the direction of this bright star hoping that one day it will shine like a sun, warming us on a bright summer day.

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