Yellow notebook

Last time I’ve written something of substance by hand is several years ago. It is about managing constant change from a human perspective. I was on holiday that time staying in a place where against all odds I found true peace. There in a natural surroundings, I can spend hours alone, outside the grasp of internet and the daily information overload at work. It’s only in places like that, that series of serious matters and substance will come to me, enveloping me with a feeling of sharp awareness of my surroundings, as if I acquired a sixth sense, enabled me to experience everything more intensely.

That year I envisioned a future where people would share experiences openly and respected each others opinion.

ducknotepadSitting on a hardwood bench with a bright yellow notebook I bought in the small store on the corner of the street with a bunch of happy school kids in white uniforms giggling “Hey Joe, what’s your name?”  I felt inspired. Something I never felt for a long time. 

The yellow notebook seemed to possess some magical quality, I opened it and the ideas started writing itself so to speak. Tales of organized collaboration, a story op people with a common purpose, and the realization of those combined efforts. it just came pouring out from my fingertips onto the pages, I found myself writing day and night, stopping only to snatch some sleep and nourishment.

Reading it today it says:

“Agile profiling is a technique that’s easy to explain, it helps people to work together adapting the change. It gives those familiar with the technique a common language to organize themselves, to meet their own needs and the needs of others creating a self emerging purpose to help them realize their goals.”

But that is only the beginning, there is more, a lot in fact. One day I will translate these group of ideas into a book. One day, this dream, my dream will come true, and happier teams will work together for a new kind of organisation.

I hope to realize this dream of revolutionizing communication, create a new way of collaboration so people can work together more effectively and hopefully be able to trust each other better.

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