blogWhy am I blogging…

I want to be able to share my experiences and passion, help others with my knowledge in management and coaching and perhaps make a proper living out of it someday.  I feel that writing is liberating and set’s us apart from other animals.  The power of showing your true self and values is far reaching and important…  Doing so is an enriching experience, especially when you get the chance to see your own ideas through the eyes of such a diverse audience.

My blog will be about product design, technology and projects.  All from a very humane perspective.  I will explore the boundaries of traditional technology and design blogs by writing on how to work together to reach whatever goals you have set for yourselves.  This involves the organisational aspect as well. Basically asking the question how we can design products effectively combining the creative and implementation wise.

I’d especially love to connect with people who are looking for better ways to realize their goals, preferably with a different background and interests.  I invite you all to connect with me, feel free to post your questions, suggestions or other remarks.  After all, it would be wonderful to share this experience!

I’m looking forward to the day people I don’t know will tell me stories about how it affected their life.  Who knows I might write a book about it one day. These are my goals.

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